Hi, I’m Paula. I’m from Dublin. And I now live on an island. Mamaí to three little people, and numerous furry and feathery friends. I spend my days feeding and cleaning and tidying and baking and washing and in between that, gardening, taking photographs, writing, sewing, knitting and enjoying my babies. Attempting to live the good life and stay on an eternal path to self sufficiency, which isn’t so hard in this place. xx


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    • Hi Alessandro, thanks for your comment. I will email you during the week if I can source any information that could be helpful to you, Cheers, Paula

  1. Paula, you are a lucky woman! I was born in Dublin but have lived in England since the age of 7. My partner (he’s a Dutchman with an Irish mother ) and I love Ireland and all things Irish. We would dearly love to learn Irish in the Gaeltacht but lessons seem to be for those who already have a smattering of the language. Have you tried to learn Irish from books and tapes??!! Would you happen to know if there’s any where that might offer courses for complete beginners?
    Hope you don’t mind me being cheeky!
    I read your piece about Jack/Sean – beautiful words, you clearly are a writer!
    Many thanks,
    Antoinette O’Reardon

    • Hi Antoinette, lovely to hear from you and many thanks for your kind words! There is a series that I think is great for anyone beginning Irish and it’s called Buntus Cainte – you can get it online I think and it comes with a book and CD and is in three parts. I also have a glance card with all the verbs and tenses which I find brilliant. But really I think the best thing is to just come and stay with an Irish household in any if the Gaeltacht areas for a bit of time and learn it through conversation. Once you immerse yourself in any language where it’s used daily, it almost teaches itself especially if you enjoy it! Go n’eiri leat (good luck to you) with your quest 😉

  2. Hi Paula, I am Jim, Helena’s friend from Michigan …loved your story … it touched my heart ..I have a dog I love who slipped off the dock and was rescued by me …brings back those memories ..hugs …give one to Helena for me …

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