Kerry is beautiful. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Having spent a week there with my three babies (but without TQM as he had important cow/potato stuff to attend to) in a rented holiday home with various family members, I can honestly say it will be my destination of choice forever more. It was not my first trip to Kerry, but the last time I was there was a very long time ago. But that was a different type of visit. This time it was a proper experience!
We rented a beautiful big house in Waterville from the lovely Bernie & John and it housed 10 of us very comfortably with plenty of room to spare. As if the house wasn’t enough, the view was something else and standing admiring it whilst drinking a very welcome cup of tea (did I mention Kerry is a meeeeelion miles from everywhere??? ) got my holiday off to the perfect start. So without further ado, I’m afraid I’m going to photobomb you a bit – there’s quite a few, but each one will tell its own story……

What you are seeing here are snippets of a week filled with stunning beauty, amazing beaches (pictures are from the beach at Waterville and Ballinskelligs beach) but Derrynane beach was also fantastic (along with Derrynane house which we didn’t get to visit but looked AMAZING), there was a whole lot of cousin love – one of the best kinds of love – and not forgetting The Compass Jellyfish!!!! (one of my own personal highlights – for more information on jellyfish in Ireland I suggest you visit here!) You will also see the beautiful hedgerows that surrounded our house where I imagined little hedgehogs, hares and foxes frequented at night while we slept (we don’t have that hedgerow life here on the island).Visiting Valentia Island on the car ferry was a great day too, where a regatta was on at the harbour and we got to visit a brilliant petting farm. And the mist. I can’t not mention the mist on the mountains. I love mist anywhere, but mountains especially, and for some reason when I see misty mountains, The Mull of Kintyre by Wings plays on a loop in my head. Lets just say I was singing it constantly in Kerry!

Beautiful Kerry! There you have it. And when I heard the report on the news the other night about American Vogues photoshoot in Cork and Kerry and how great it was, I just thought to myself – yes the pictures are indeed beautiful of that there is no doubt, but its very easy to take beautiful pictures when you’re taking them of beautiful things – and thats just what Kerry is. We’ll be back for sure.



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