Dear Heart

Síle Looks Up

What is life?

Oh, Maggie May. It’s question after everlasting question.

It is a tumble of words and a throb of sounds; music to lift you and gift you and steal you and fill you. It is the quiet of empty roads, the silence of choice, the smell of night and the pull of the sea.

It is love. It is Mama’s hand on your head all the times you’ll want her, and all the times you won’t. It is Deaide singing through every day of your life; tales of you and yours and all you might do and how you make their hearts stop. It is all of us, here and gone, all of us who are part of you and somewhere with you in the silent flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Heart

  1. I happened upon your blog while looking at Inisheer for holidays and so read most of your blog and really enjoyed the posts.I even tried your currant scone recipe…they were amazing!… would love to try more of your recipes (especially those java cakes!)

    • Hi Joan,
      thanks so much for your comment – I’ve very happy you liked my posts, random and all as they often are! The scones are great aren’t they. I’ll try and post up some other original recipes as I normally just find most of the ones I use in my cookbooks or online. As for the jaffa cakes, they are from Roz Purcell’s blog! She has some amazing recipes so pay a visit and enjoy.
      P x

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