I was reading a newspaper article today. In fact, it wasn’t even in an actual newspaper, it was in a newspaper supplement, and it wasn’t a long article either, just a short interview piece, and it wasn’t from this weekends newspaper edition, alas no, it was from May’s. That’s right. May! And from the start of May no less. It would seem I had kept this now raggedy supplement all this time because I wanted to read that one particular article, and I only managed to get to it today.Six weeks later! Now I’ve noticed I tend to do this a lot. I have a host of other newspaper bits and pieces piled about the place waiting their turn for the quick read I can afford them whenever that may come. And you see that got me thinking and brought me to the conclusion that I really miss books! In case you think I live in a house devoid of books, I can assure you the complete opposite is the case. I’ve lots of books, really, loads, and they’re all great books. And many of them are the pick up put down again types, you know, the gardening and self sufficiency ones, local wildlife and DIY, but its the other books I miss. The ones that allow you to be transported to another world. In fact more to the point, I miss the peace and quiet of time that is dedicated to nobody else, just me and my book. I can honestly say, the only book I’ve read from cover to cover since starting our family ,stopping only to make dinner,was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I remember I had one of the first copies issued as I had preordered it, but still it was nearly 2 years after before I read the thing. But read it I did. Cover to Cover.But the difference was, I couldn’t really get lost in it. In the back of my mind I was aware that there were things that needed doing in the house, with the babes, dinner to be made, animals to tend to. And as much as I wanted to lose myself, I just couldn’t turn that part of my brain off.

So today I made a decision.Next time when I’m alone in the house,or my boys are out visiting and the baby is sleeping I’m going to turn everything off. Yep. Everything! The television, radio, phone, laptop. Everything is going off. These are all time drainers I’m afraid. Hours can be whiled away on Twitter or Pinterest and before you know it the house is full of life and noise again. And I’m going to open the window and breath in some fresh air, and listen to nothing. To silence. Im going to take the time to affirm to myself that its ok to have this quiet time. That it’s ok to sit down while there are dishes to be done. That it’s ok that the clothes are out on the line and that there may be a shower coming. I”m switching that part of my brain off. Then my friends, I’m going to read!



2 thoughts on “off…..

  1. I know exactly what you mean Paula. I love books too, the smell, the feel, the pleasure of picking them up, turning down the corners to mark a page. Yet I’ve neglected them thanks to social media. All my reading these days seems to be about everyone else’s lives on social media. So, your post has just inspired me to put down the iPad and get out a book. Thanks for the reminder and good luck with your own endeavour 🙂

  2. Great reminder Paula, my worry used to be if I picked up a good book and really got into it then everything else (dinner, house even kids) could fall apart until I got to the end. Now I have a great book that I started a month ago but put it down less than half way through, my time being consumed with social media, blog and laptop. I’m saving the book for my holidays and trying to convince myself not to take the lap top! Think I’ll take your advice and set aside some “off” time every week. Great idea! Thanks!

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